How we helped a governmental agency get a grip on their Oracle licenses and optimize their deployment

oracle deployment licenses

A successful one-off project can lead to a long-term relationship

Company: Governmental agency

Case: Oracle license management services (3-year subscription)

Cost avoidance> $ 1M exposure

Cost Savings: 25% on annual support and maintenance spend

The agency contracted us to help them get a grip on their Oracle deployment. They had a (seemingly) good working relationship with Oracle, but after they denied a commercial proposal for additional on premise licenses, they received a letter from Oracle’s audit department. We initially supported them during the audit and once that was successfully closed, they asked us to partner with them for a 3-year term contract to monitor and further optimize their Oracle footprint.

  • Products in scope:              Oracle Database & Oracle Middleware (WebLogic, IAS & Tuxedo)
  • IT Infrastructure:                Internal IT infrastructure managed by third party (Oracle VM)

Our solution

In order to obtain clarity about their Oracle licensing situation during the audit, we completed an Oracle license compliance assessment, which includes:

  • License Entitlement Analysis Services
  • License Compliance Analysis Services
  • Optimization & Remediation

From that initial compliance baseline, we continued to provide active license support, remediation advice and also license desk services for any questions related to (new) Oracle developments. During the 3-year engagement we achieved multiple goals for the customer including:

  • Reduction of the deployment of Oracle Database and Middleware products by consolidating and optimizing the infrastructure
  • Reduction of the annual support cost (year over year) through the delivery of our negotiation services.

We measured the achievements and further improvement points during a yearly license assessment, showing each year new (unexpected) deployments, showing also additional relevance of this continued monitoring.

Business impact and results

Based on our reports and advice the customer was able to limit additional purchases to only those products really required for future purposes worth $ 200K compared to a much larger amount as Oracle proposed. In addition, the customer was able to reduce their annual spend on Oracle support & maintenance with 24,5%.

When you find the right partner to support with software asset management, you want to make them a long-term partner. That is exactly what happened after our first collaboration with B-lay.

This article was published on 23-09-2020