How we helped a global finance organization sort out their Oracle licenses

oracle compliance review

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared

Company: Global finance organisation with 5,000 employees

Case: Oracle software compliance review

Cost avoidance: $250M

An international finance organization contracted us to help them get a clear overview of their Oracle licenses. The company did not actively manage its licenses over the past years and was concerned, especially about their Oracle Middleware deployments, whether they have a compliance issue given Oracle’s position on using VMware as a virtualization technology.

  • Products in scope: Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) products IAS & Weblogic
  • In-house datacenters across the country
  • Infrastructure: VMware on HP Hardware, IBM Power machines
  • Physical & Virtual Servers: 500+

Our solution

In order to obtain clarity about the Oracle licensing situation, we completed an Oracle License Compliance assessment, which includes:

  • Contract and license administration
  • Compliance reporting
  • Optimization & remediation advice

We started the engagement by analyzing their licenses and contracts to determine what entitlements they have and if any custom conditions or metrics should be taken into account when analyzing the deployment data.

We then executed a deployment and compliance analysis. In this way we identified the main area of concern: different Oracle MW products deployed on a large VMware infrastructure. Once this was known, we helped the customer understand the actions they should to take to remediate the VMware issue and even look at potential further savings by optimizing their deployment.

Business impact and results

Based on our reports and advice the customer was able to avoid a $250M spend on additional license purchases.

Since the customer recognized our expert knowledge in the area of Oracle licensing, they have now a multi-year contract for License Entitlement Services. As part of this service, we provide support at any moment the client has a need for it. They can reach out and get our input on any Oracle licensing question both on a contracting as well as on a technical level (e.g. providing input on how to best set-up an infrastructure for Oracle deployments).

“We’re happy we didn’t wait for an audit letter to get our affairs in order.”