How we helped a global beverages company avoid compliance issues

customer case - oracle and sap

Don’t worry. Be certain

Company: Global beverages company

Case: Oracle & SAP software compliance review

Cost avoidance: $1M

A global beverages company reached out to us as part of their proactive SAM process. They were using Oracle Database (DB) programs on an SAP infrastructure, therefore they wanted to make sure they are using the software programs according to the agreements. Our customer has licensed the Oracle DBs under SAP infrastructure via SAP’s Oracle licensing agreement (=15% of the SAP Application Value). What might seem straight forward in theory can lead to rather large compliance issues. Concerned that they might not comply with all the terms and conditions that are applicable for this agreement, they sought our expert knowledge for both SAP and Oracle licensing.

  • Products in scope: Oracle DB under SAP
  • Outsourced and in-house Datacenters
  • SAM tools: SAP LAW
  • Infrastructure: SUN, OVM, Exadata
  • Physical & virtual Servers under SAP environments: 20

Our solution

In order to get their Oracle DB license question sorted, the customer contracted us for an Oracle DB and SAP license service, which includes:

  • Contract and license administration
  • Compliance reporting to the Oracle DB licenses sold via SAP
  • Optimization advice

We started the engagement by analyzing their SAP licenses and contracts to see what terms and conditions are in place for the Oracle DBs running under SAP and whether they deviate from the standard.

We executed a deployment and compliance analysis for the Oracle DBs to identify whether the DB products used were aligned with the DB products included in the SAP contract.

In addition, we executed an SAP interface and user analysis, to understand whether any of the (indirect) access conditions were breached.

As a result of the outcomes of the analysis and applying our knowledge of both Oracle and SAP, we were able to provide solid advice on how to manage the environment going forward.

Business impact and results

We found that the customer had some interfaces with other applications that were not set up using one of the SAP interface solutions. This is considered a breach of the contractual terms, which would have meant they needed to purchase additional Oracle database licenses for a total amount of USD 1M. The customer decided to immediately redesign and re-implement the specific interfaces to make sure it complies with the applicable terms and conditions.

Based on our reports and advice the customer has been able to avoid a USD 1M purchase of additional Oracle DB licenses.

“We’re happy we worked with B-lay. We achieved direct cost savings and avoided compliance issues.”