How we helped a global asset management company to reduce their financial exposure to zero

customer case - oracle audit

From $2.6M to $0

Company: Multinational asset management company

Case: Customer received an audit letter from Oracle

Cost avoidance: $2.6M

When our customer activating in the investment management area received an audit letter from Oracle, they contacted us and engaged our software audit services. In order to get a complete and accurate overview of their current Oracle Database and Middleware programs as well as the associated licenses they made use of our software compliance review services.

Our solution

In order to create the complete picture, we started by gathering the contractual documents and performing the license entitlements overview. Looking into the software programs and their rights of use, the terms and conditions as well as the limitations included in the agreements formed the basis of the overview.

We continued with the software deployment and usage analysis. All the programs installed and/or in use were mapped against the existing licenses. In this way, we could determine the compliance position and express it in financial terms. A liability of $2.6M was identified, as a result of gaps between the available licenses and the software in use.

To help the customer avoid such cost, we advised on remediation and optimization actions and suggested alternative licensing scenarios.

Business impact and results

The initial exposure was $2.6M, which as a result of our services was reduced to 0. Currently, our customer’s estate is clean from financial exposure and compliance risks. Seeing the benefits of a proactive SAM practice, they decided to invest more time and attention into the way they manage their software deployment and licenses.

“We were not expecting such financial exposure, but we’re happy that with the help of B-lay we were able to remediate it.”