How we helped a Dutch automotive company avoid costs on their Oracle licensing

A software audit is not the only reason to strive for compliance

Company: Dutch automotive company

Case: Oracle Database software compliance review

Cost avoidance: $ 670K

Cost Savings: $ 40K YoY (=20% of annual support budget)

A branch of a Dutch automotive company contracted us to help them get a clear overview of their Oracle Database license requirement. The branch purchased some licenses themselves, but also needed licenses from the group they are part of to cover their usage. Currently it was unclear how much additional licenses, on top of their own, they needed and therefore what should be cross charged to them.

  • Products in scope: Oracle Database EE and associated Options & Management Packs
  • 4 physical machines

Our solution

In order to obtain clarity about the Oracle licensing situation, we completed an Oracle License Compliance assessment, which includes:

  • Contract and license administration
  • Compliance reporting
  • Optimization & remediation advice

We started the engagement by analyzing their licenses and contracts to determine what entitlements they have and if any custom conditions or metrics should be taken into account when analyzing the deployment data.

We then executed a deployment and compliance analysis. In this way we identified the main areas of concern:

  • Overdeployment of both Oracle DB EE as well as the Options and Management Packs
  • Non-optimal license structure due to growing company size

We first helped with a contract scenario analysis to come to the optimal license structure. Due to the growing company size, having only one license metric available for usage allocation would result in a $ 1M compliance gap that needed to be covered through licenses available at the group level. Optimizing their own license portfolio alone already resulted in a $ 300K cost avoidance.

On top of that they performed remediation activities based on our technical advice and asked us for a rerun to check their position. This resulted in another cost avoidance of $ 370K.

Business impact and results

Based on our consecutive runs we have enabled the customer to successfully mitigate a license exposure of about $ 670K.

As a result of their satisfaction with our Oracle services and license expert knowledge demonstrated through this engagement, they wanted us to continue our support for the whole group through a multi-year managed service. This service focuses not just on their full Oracle product stack, but also on their top 6 vendors by licensing spend.

“What some companies don’t understand is that software assets shouldn’t be managed only when there’s an audit. We didn’t want to wait for an audit letter to get in control of our licensing situation. We wanted to avoid non-compliance and extra costs and B-lay helped us to do exactly that.”