Most common Microsoft cloud compliance issues

Cloud based solutions

Even though it has been around for a while, licensing in the cloud is still a mystery for some and that is understandable, as there is a wide variety of cloud services, each with its own flavors.

We are seeing an increased adoption rate of Microsoft cloud services, both in the market and at our customers, but it usually doesn’t come without a cost. Most customers think that with the release of the cloud and its subscription-based license models, the financial risk associated to compliance issues is out of the picture once and for all.

If we look at the Microsoft cloud services, we might get carried away by the impression that everything is simple and straight forward, as Microsoft allows the end user to pay for the product if the product is in use, giving the possibility of cancelation on a monthly basis, if the product is no longer needed. Easy, right? Let’s not jump to conclusions and explore the most common compliance issues associated with deploying Microsoft cloud services.

To simplify, we will eat this elephant in four easy to digest bites and look at real-life examples, so you can understand the potential impact on your organization. Therefore, the most common cloud compliance issues categories are:


Hybrid cloud/on premises deployments

Mixing different levels of the same service

Azure Virtual Machines

This article was published on 15-05-2018