Working @ B-lay

We are not afraid to make mistakes but see them as learning opportunities. We pause, reflect, correct and share the learnings. Learning from errors creates an opportunity to B-BETTER. A better you makes a better team and a better team makes a better B-lay.

We welcome differences and strive for equality! B-lay combines over 50 different individuals and personalities, a few thousands of ideas and hundreds of initiatives. Age, background, race or political views don’t matter. Better yet, they make life more interesting. We value your beliefs as long as they don’t hurt others. Being different means you are unique! So please B-YOU.

Individuality is important to B-layers, but we know that being on your own is not always fun. We work in self steering squads. Managing our own micro-team inside the big B-lay team teaches us to listen and support each other.

The variety in our team is also supported by our FUNctional office. We created different spaces to meet everyone’s needs throughout a day. Booths for quiet time, meeting rooms for team work or open spaces for open sharing. Having fun is also important, so the foosball table has many friends among B-layers.

Want to know what kind of people we are? B-CURIOUS and meet us! Are you ready to start your career in a playful environment? Working with different people with great attitudes that help you to develop your full potential? We are eager to get to know you!

Technical Analyst with Database knowledge

We are looking for a Technical Analyst with knowledge of Oracle, IBM and/or Microsoft Database.

Technical Analyst with Middleware knowledge

We are looking for a junior Technical Analyst who will be working alongside experienced colleagues to learn everything about software license analysis.

Junior Technical Analyst

We are looking for a junior Technical Analyst who will be working alongside experienced colleagues to learn everything about software license analysis.

License Entitlements Specialist

We are looking for a License Entitlements Specialist with a background in legal or software licensing.

Are you ready for B-lay?

We are always looking for smart, open-minded and inquisitive people to reinforce our team.

Roxana Stoenescu

I like the customer interaction, the diversity of the tasks and the fact that I am allowed to self-manage my time and projects.

Catalina Ceapraga

I like being in the spotlight, building knowledge, being challenged and facing hot licensing topics.

Heidy Goyens

I really like to work with all the different, crazy, interesting people in our company!

Richard Spithoven

Helping different people, all with their different problems, achieving their goals is what keeps me running every single day.

Flori Roman

To bring creativity in a field where, at a first glance there’s no room for it. This is what I go for.

Mihai Popa

I like researching, especially when I need to find something and “accidentally” discover unexpected things.

anamaria avram
Anamaria Avram

Most of the times you have no other choice but to GROW.

Ralph van ‘t Klooster

Each day is different and comes with interesting new insights and challenges.

Simona Matache

What I like most about my work is that there is no such thing as “comfort zone”.

Laura Haraba

My work is encouraging me to learn something new everyday.

Carmen Manole

You can enjoy more than just solving a problem if you do it together with the others.

Alina Jianu

Making a mistake is not the end of the world, as long as you learn from it.

Frank Rolvink

The nice thing about this role is the variety of tasks and people you work with.

Gabriela Matei

It’s fine to ask questions. And it’s possible to be bold and kind.

Randy Bal

Constantly learning and shifting between the roles of a technical specialist and a license analyst makes my job satisfying.