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Oracle ULA – Certification Process in a Nutshell

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Licensing Oracle Programmer

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The most recurrent SAP licensing challenges #3: User classification

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IBM License Metric Tool System Design

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Changes in Oracle audit clause

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ILMT: How to start enjoying the benefits of sub-capacity licensing

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Salesforce – Indirect Access

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Oracle Full Use VS Proprietary Application Hosting licenses

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What may trigger a software audit?

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IBM sells products to HCL – what does this mean for you?

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IBM acquires Red Hat – what’s the impact for you?

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The fiscal year – why is it important when it comes to your software?

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Salesforce CRM – Are there any hidden costs?

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Oracle Database Standard Edition 19c – New upcoming changes

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SAP Digital Access has a new dedicated page

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Snow Optimizer for SAP’s Integration with Snow License Manager

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SAP audit practices – everything you should know to be in control

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How to prepare for your next SAP audit?

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New ways to purchase SQL Server and Windows Server

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End of support for SQL and Windows server 2008

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