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What we do

Our mission is to close the gap between software vendors and end users, rebuild trust, and share knowledge in a world with innumerable information sources.

B-lay was founded with the simple philosophy that at the core of the software asset management process there must be a consistent, well-structured, and reliable record of the facts.

We strive to simplify the experience of accessing data and turning it into relevant transparent information to provide our clients the insight and business value they need to maximize their software investments.

How can we help YOU

We specialize in enterprise software and provide services around software compliance, software audits, software asset management tools and insight in software spending.

Our services offer organizations worldwide insight into the risks associated with software licenses, help prevent license compliance issues and help create considerable cost savings by optimizing their licensing position.

Our services are available on a one-off project basis, on a subscription basis (we deliver a particular service once a year) or as managed services (ongoing).


Direct insight into unnecessary costs and risks


Customers we helped


Compliance reviews performed


Compliance health checks delivered

Clients choosing B-lay

“B-lay’s Oracle expertise and their advice during contract renewals has been important for VGZ in managing our licenses. Thanks to B-lay there now is an administration of all our Oracle licenses, Flexera is set up properly and we know our license position. This way we do not have to worry about unnecessary costs or compliance risks and we can focus fully on keeping healthcare affordable. Now and in the future”

Bob van den BergSoftware Asset Manager at VGZ

“Through our partnership with B-lay, Accenture is able to leverage products like Zyncc, that can transform contract and entitlement data into real financial benefits.”

Andre GuerreiroManaging Director at Accenture

“We decided to use B-lay as our Oracle knowledge backbone, recognizing the importance of their most valuable expertise. Otherwise it would have taken us years to take our Oracle services to the same level as our Microsoft services.”

Daryl UllmanFounder Emerset Consulting Group

“A good Software Asset Manager has above-average knowledge of software license metrics, software contracts and measuring software use. But you cannot do everything alone: You need to know which experts can assist you to solve complex issues if the situation demands it. Our collaboration with B-lay is a good example of this. B-lay advised NS on Oracle licenses and did the technical data analysis so that we could determine our compliance position. In unity, there is strength.”

Ebbing KiestraSoftware Asset Manager at NS
Partners choosing B-lay